A Clear Mind…A Fleeting Moment

We just arrived home from vacation today.  While many people use vacation as a time to get away from the humdrum of their daily routines, I use it as a time to reflect on what’s going on with me, connect with friends and family, and get inspired to move forward, both personally and professionally.  This week, we spent time at Yosemite National Park, and in a place like that, there is much time for reflection and many, many things that can inspire you! 

For me, I found inspiration in the tones of the granite walls of the valley floor, the shades of green and brown in the trees, and in what people wore as they experienced one of the greatest National Parks the US has to offer.

As we were driving home, I was making a mental list of everything that I needed to do: filling orders, researching fabric for a potential customer, actually sewing for the fall, and the holidays (which are fast approaching–yikes!), thinking about what I want my fall show booths to look like, the list goes on, really.   

Once home, I took the time to go though my emails, and boy there were some good ones!  It seems like quite a few emails, were geared for just what I needed to see after a vacation of reflection!  One on becoming self-disciplined, one on what “your gift” is,  another from a potential customer.  It was perfect, really.  Just what I needed to read, both personally and professionally.

I then spent some time on Pinterest.  I get the best ideas there, and today was no different!  I actually ran across a board with craft fair booth ideas, and I could not “repin” fast enough!  Such great ideas on making a presentable, eye-catching booths, signage, etc. 

So now, as I am ending my day, my clear mind achieved while on vacation was, in fact, a fleeting moment.  In it’s place is a swarm of ideas, and energy to make this a great season for Bags by Stacey!  I can not wait for tomorrow, and to start researching fabrics, display props, and actually start sewing! 

Here’s to vacations and clear minds, however fleeting both may be!






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I have those days too.

I have been spending the last day or so working on a custom order, a gorgeous beach bag. 

I had time one evening after all my responsibilites and chores were done to cut it out and prep it for sewing (not a quick and easy part of the process, mind you).  Yesterday afternoon, I assembled the exterior and started working on the interior. 

Last night, after dinner and shopping for things the kids needed for camp, I was very excited to sit down and finish sewing the bag together.  Except, it didn’t happen.  There are 8 pieces for the lining, and I wound up cutting out 4 of them from the same pattern piece, when it should have been 2 from 2 different pattern pieces.  I had to re-cut them. 

Once I was satisfied with the correct pieces being cut, I started sewing!  Yay!!  I sewed 3 pieces together to make the loop I needed instead of 4.  I had to rip out one seam and sew in the 4th piece.  A minor setback that anyone could have done!  It’s only an 8 inch long seam,  a quick fix in my book!

I was back on track and excited!  I still had plenty of time to finish this bag!   However, when I attached this piece to the top of the main lining piece, and sewed it together, I did it so it was backwards!   ARGH!!!!  So I spent the next 10 minutes ripping that seam out! 

This is when I gave up on fininshing this bag last night.  Sometimes, I’m either too tired, or have been sewing too much, I start making mistakes I shouldn’t be making!  Instead of continuing on and sewing and ripping things out, I stop sewing.  It preserves the quality of the fabrics, the final look of the piece, and let’s face it, my sanity.  Thank goodness this doesn’t happen all that often!

So here’s to today being a better day for sewing this bag together, correctly!  All pieces facing the right way and included where they should be!  Today, I will finish this custom order! 

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Ribbon Shoulder Bag $28.00

Ribbon Shoulder Bag $28.00

A popular and comfortable style.

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Black, White and Yellow Pleated Wristlet

Black, White and Yellow  Pleated Wristlet

A great wristlet that I LOVE making! To be posted soon on Bags by Stacey.etsy.com

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Black, Yellow, and White….and a new purse pattern!

I am a hoarder……of fabric, scrapbook supplies and glitter.  Hahaha!  As I collect my fabrics, I have a little voice in the back of my head that says, “Stacey, you really need to use some of these other fabrics up!” 

So, a couple of days ago, I pulled out a cut of fabric, one that I had used before, and couldn’t find more of for a LONG time.  It is a gorgeous white floral print on black, and then there are these areas that are a bright and cheery yellow worked into the print.  It’s modern, and the color scheme is classic.

Each piece I make from this fabric is a one of a kind just because the uniqueness of the pattern placement.  I can never get 2 bags exactly the same. 

I decided to make a couple different styles out of the print, and one is using a new purse pattern.  It will be a smaller bag, but I love the pleating, and the shape of it.  The lining on all these purses will be a bright yellow, which I love with the print.  I’m thinking of adding some extra pockets to the inside as well. 

Anyways, my goal is to finish these bags by the end of the week and to get them photographed and ready for posting in the shop by the weekend. 

Once this cut is used, then on to the next from my hoard, I mean stash!  🙂


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Hello world!

As my hobby of selling purses and accessories has expanded, and as I roll with life changes, I have decided to start blogging about Bags by Stacey!  I’m a bit unsure how this whole “blogging” world will work for me, but I’m eager to give it a try! 

My hope is that people who don’t know me personally, and even those who do, will gain a better understanding of my creative process and share in my excitement about my business.  Plus, get to know me just a bit better, too! 

So with this first post, I guess it’s official, I am now a blogger too!  I hope you will decide to give me a try, and follow me or “like” my blog/business on Facebook. 

Let’s see where this will take me over the next few months-year!

Will post again soon! 


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