I have wanted to make bags and purses since before my daughter was born. 10 years, and 2 kids later, I finally made myself a simple, but really fun bag. People who saw it loved it, and with the encouragement of my family and friends, I established Bags by Stacey.

I took my first group of bags to a boutique at a friend’s house, and people were wanting to see more, and show their friends my bags. With the success at the boutique and orders received by word of mouth, I decided to launch my website sooner than later!

Once I had a following, I started looking for more ways to promote my business, and I decided to give Etsy a try.  Since starting my Etsy shop, my following has increased! 

I have recently had some life changes that are now allowing me to focus most of my energy on Bags by Stacey, and I thought blogging about “Bags by Stacey” might be a fun outlet for people to get to know me, and what I think about when making my bags.  

My goal for Bags by Stacey is simple. Provide handcrafted bags that are both unique and fun!  For Bags by Stacey: Inside the Bag, I aim to give my customers and followers a little more insight into me, my creative process, and why I do, what I do. 

I am having fun making my bags, playing with different fabrics and textures, and I hope you enjoy Bags by Stacey: Inside the Bag as well!



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