The Turkey Coma is Wearing Off…

Now what? 

Such a great time of year!  All my fall shows are over, Thanksgiving has come and gone, the house is now decked out for Christmas, and now I can turn my attention to filling a couple orders. 

Then….Christmas crafting!  For me, this is the most exciting thing I will do all season!  Creating something for others to enjoy.

It’s the one time of the year I give myself permission to not worry too much about bag production (but I’ll do some of that too), and start looking for crafts that will make my kids, niece and nephew’s hearts sing!  PLUS, a couple of surprises for my sister, mom and any other family member I can craft for! 

One gift involves creating a new product that will be sold in my shop.  I’m so excited!  I’ve been sketching, researching, and thinking about exactly how I want the finished product to look, and I think I have a good handle on it!  I won’t be telling you too much about it here, as I’d hate for the recipient to read this post and figure it out! 

All I can say, is it’s something I’ve pondered for some time, and I get the occasional request for.  Would make a great gift for anyone, and would make an excellent gift for a bridesmaid! 

What I can tell you, is that after the first of the year, check back at my shop often, as I hope to have a few of this new mystery product made up, as well as, work on some new bag patterns, and clutches, increase my bridal/evening line, and maybe add a iPad carrying case too. 

So as we move from November into the busy month of December, find what really excites you about the season and go do it! 

Happy Holidays!



About bagsbystacey

I have wanted to make bags and purses since before my daughter was born. 10 years, and 2 kids later, I finally made myself a simple, but really fun bag. People who saw it loved it, and with the encouragement of my family and friends, Bags by Stacey was established. Now that I have a small following, I am looking for more ways to promote my business, and I thought blogging might be a good way to connect with my followers and keep them up to date on what is going on with my purses! My goal for Bags by Stacey is simple. Provide handcrafted bags that are both unique and fun! For Bags by Stacey: Inside the Bag, I just want to connect with people who love bags as much as I do! xo- Stacey
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